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It's been working great, I been teaching my family and the employees who to use it and everybody seems to like it. Sometimes we run to see who gets the computer fist to check out a rental. I just finish asking everybody working what they think about your software.
My mother loves it and she is absolutely satisfied and can't wait for us to have the fingerprint reader.
An employee said very easy to follow and use-full.
That you could search for a item or customer with out closing the window that you are using like adding item ,register a new customer, report etc.
I like the way it looks fist of all, nice graphics, and animated logos for the different functions, it makes it look very expensive. I feel that i serve my customers better and faster, because i know what i need and where to find it. With this software we have everything we need and more like un-return rentals, and is very very  use-full went you make a mistake, you just could undo it. Also when a customer rents a
item(movie) that he already has seen it, a message comes up with it tell you what item and what date he/she rented it out. We did not found anything wrong or negative about it. Just with a demo we had been running are store and no other software could beat that. Congratulations on your job absolutely brilliant software, modern, quickly and efficiently. I'm amazed. Also your support has been faster than lighting :) on the little question that I had, Thank you.

"Video Junky

Attention: Kerwin

Dear Video Junky:


Its is a great honor and a great pleasure to write this letter, with in regards to the fact that it has been a long time since I have received such great SERVICE from a product supplier.

It all started about only 1 month ago when I Phoned Kerwin about VIDEO JUNKY add I saw in a magazine, I phoned him explaining how my current system is not working for me and I'm not getting any support, he immediately assisted me and offered to help.

To keep it short Kerwin has re-constructed my old database in to his program and yes its true he has done everything for us and all over the internet and boy is he quick, responding time is amazing. I have now been using Video Junky for about 3 weeks and its super high tech and modern. The creator behind it has used his full knowledge and delivered a product with great potential.

I can truly say that Video Junky is the next best program for any video store that wants to be a part of the future.            

God Bless.

Drickus Crous
Movie City
082 771 5671"

"I recently took over a disfranchised DVD store in Warmbaths.  The software that was installed was offered to me at a ridiculous expensive price. The only option was to search for alternative software/shareware on the internet.

I found a number of software programs at reasonable prices, which I downloaded, compared and assessed. It did not suit my business needs and requirements.

After spending more time searching for suitable software I stumbled across a local program, which really caught my eye! I liked the hip way it was presented and its performing features. I was interested in this product immediately. The software was offered on a trial basis, which gave me an ideal opportunity to test and examine the product. I came across something that I just could not decipher or resolve. The website included the developer's contact details and I decided to give it a bash.

I was pleasantly surprised by the most friendly, helpful gentleman who solved my problem in no time and from whom a lot of technical, programmers and software developers in this country can learn from. Glad that the problem did not reside with the software at all. Merely something that one should always remember, "if all else fails read the manual"

Kerwin Carpede congrats with a job well done - software well developed and I believe no DVD store in the country should be without.

I contacted Kerwin on several occasions for assistance on some minor detail and things I did not understand. Not once has he not gone out of his way to assist! This kind of interest, commitment and customer service rank highly in my book. especially from a business perspective when buying a product like this. I am most impressed with the After Sales Service, the Price, accessibility and the user friendliness of the programme software. VIDEO JUNKY is all of this and more! Once again thank you for coming to my rescue. "

"I have been using Video Junky in my store for 2 months.  Its a great application that really helps you to transact quickly and easily with your customers.  Video Junky also has great SMS functionality built in so you can send notifications to customers at under 30 cents.  The savings on my telephone bill are paying for both ADSL and Video Junky on a monthly basis!  Keep up the great work!"

"If it was not for Video Junky running my store for the last year I would have had to close my doors! Video Junky is the perfect tool to ensure you can give 100% customer service and is extremely easy to navigate. The support I have received from Kerwin has been first class and the addition of the support forum has just added extra weight behind his support!"

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