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Control Panel
Below is a list of settings that can be changed in Video Junky.


Application Settings

  • Set a sound (.wav) to play on startup
  • Change Appearance Settings (Colours, Fonts etc)
  • Customer Search Engine Default Search Types

Store Information

  • Save Store Information

Database Options

  • Change Database locations (Can be stored on another hard drive)
  • Change the Default Backup Folder (Can be another hard drive/mobile hard drive)

GSM Settings

  • Can Set the Incoming/Outgoing Modem
  • Can set the Modules Speed
  • Enable a Pin Number on the SIM
  • Can Set the Module to Delete SMSs from the Device After Receive
  • Set the International Cell Number Format
  • Can Set the Maximum Call Number Characters
  • Can Set the Default Storage Location (SIM and Memory)
  • Includes Functions for Testing Outgoing / Incoming SMSs
  • Automatically Detects GSM Modules (as long as the drivers are installed)

Barcode Label Options

  • Two Label Formats
  • Supports Printing on Perforated Paper
  • Change Font Settings (size and styles)
  • Change Maximum Labels per Page
  • Change Position Settings
  • Can Restore Default Settings

Receipt Settings

  • Change Position Settings
  • Apply a disclaimer on all Receipts

Customer Options

  • Check Customers Birthdays on Logon
  • Automatically Activate New Customers Accounts
  • Restrict ID Number characters to 'X' Amount
  • Show Comment Information Before Rental Transactions

Fingerprint Setting

  • Option to Use Fingerprint Identification instead of Customer Search Engine on Rental Transactions
  • Change Identification Settings
  • Change Minutiae Colours

Network Setup

  • Change the location of the Video Junky Folder (Can be a shared folder on another machine)

Tax Options

  • Add Tax Amounts that will be added to all Product Sales and Rental Transactions
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