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Customer Management
Add/Edit Customers 

omer’s details in Video Junky. Each customer can have authorized renters on their account, for example: A customer can have his daughter and son authorized to rent on his account.

You can capture and store the customer’s photos (including authorized renters).

Easy Webcam Integration for Customer Photos

You can use a webcam to capture your customer’s photos. They are inexpensive and easy to install. Simply install the webcam’s drivers (the drivers will come with the webcam) and startup Video Junky. All photos are saved on the hard drive in a jpeg format (Joint Photographic Experts Group). Each photo’s file size is ±16k – 1 Gigabyte of hard drive space can store ±62500 photos.

Ability to de-activate Customers

In Video Junky you cannot delete customer’s accounts, you can only de-activate them. Once an account is de-activated you cannot process any transactions on it. This helps by keeping history on your customers even if they no longer rent items from your store.

Customer Fingerprint Identification

In Video Junky, you can use Fingerprint Identification (Biometrics) for your customers when they are renting videos. This helps by ensuring that no one else can rent videos on other customer’s accounts.

Your customer’s fingerprints need to be registered before this function can be used. The fingerprint registration is quick and easy. You can register multiple fingerprints per customer (as many as you like including authorized renters).

Note: Only Microsoft and Digital Persona fingerprint readers are supported.

Contract Plan Price Management

You can create contract plans in Video Junky. A contract plan is made up of rental categories where the rental price per category is at a lower price.


You can have a group of customers on Plan A and another on Plan B. You can also create as many contract plans as you like.

Therefore, if a customer is on Plan B and he rents a video from the new release category – he will pay R12.00 (referring to the diagram above).

Another way of using this function is having different contract plans by each contract payment amount.

R50 top up – Customers that top up with R50 can get a new release at R16.
R100 top up – Customers that top up with R100 can get a new release at R12.
R300 top up – Customers that top up with R300 can get a new release at R9.

This will encourage customers to top up with larger amounts.

Late return fine management

Video Junky will automatically determine when a rental is returned late (from your rental category setup) and calculate the fine amount. You can also choose to fine a customer or not when the rental is returned.

All fines are stored in history. For contract customers, the fines are automatically deducted from the customer’s balance and saved as paid. For Cash customers, the fines are also deducted from their balance but saved as “not paid”. There is a special section to receive cash customer’s fine payments.

Customer Wish lists

You can manage a wish list per customer e.g. If a customer would like to rent videos that are not currently in your store or released as yet, you can add these rentals to the customer’s wish list. When the rentals arrive, you can notify the customer that the rentals are available (there are reports to help you with this).

Unlimited Authorized Renters (Including Pictures and Fingerprints)

Every customer can have authorized renters (children etc). You can also capture the authorized renters photos and fingerprints.

Customers Birthday notifications

Video Junky can automatically determine customer’s birthdays (current day only). You can have Video Junky show you the list of customers with birthdays when you logon. Also, you can quickly generate SMS’s to be sent to these customers.

Advanced Customer Search Engine

Video Junky has a powerful search engine for finding customers. You can search by surname, first name, ID number, address and customer number by various search types (begins with, contains, equals and ends with). This search engine can load 2500 customers in 2.281 seconds (tested on a Pentium 4 2.8 GHz with 512 RAM).

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