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Built-in Media Player (Trailers)

Video Junky has a built-in media player (with a search engine) to play trailers. You can connect a TV, LCD or CRT monitor to your computer for the trailers to be played for your customers.

There is extensive help provided to show you how to connect your TV screen to your computer.

Video Junky comes with 100 FREE TRAILERS to play for your customers. You can link the trailers to your rentals and play them with the built-in media player.

Typical Use:
Your customer asks, "How is this movie?" - Instead of elaborating or if you haven't seen it, you can play the trailer.

The player has an enhanced search engine for searching for rentals with trailers.

Multiple Document Interface

You can perform multiple tasks by having multiple window panes open at the same time.

Example - You are currently processing a rental transaction for a customer and he/she decides to choose another rental, you continue processing another customers transaction without having to cancel what you've started doing for the first customer.

Fast user switching

You can switch users quickly if you have 2 or more users using the same terminal.

Import existing data

Most applications allow you to copy your data into Excel or export your data into a .csv/.txt file format.

Video Junky has an Import data function that allows you to import your current data from an excel spread sheet. You can Import customers and rentals.

There are Excel templates provided to assist you.

Adjustable menu views

You can change the orientation of the main menu and toolbars.

Locking Video Junky

Video Junky allows you to lock the application for security reasons.

General windows style

Video Junky was designed to be user friendly, and since most applications today follow the standard "File - Edit - View" menu, the same approach has been used within Video junky.

Manage Application Settings with a built-in control panel

An options "control" panel was developed to help you manage Video Junky's settings such as SMS (GSM) settings, store information, appearance settings, network settings etc.

Keyboard shortcuts

There are many shortcuts provided to load certain screens. This will help you process transactions faster.

Shortcut to Windows Calculator

There is a shortcut to the windows calculator on the main menu.

Over 40 Reports with a Report Manager

There are over 40 reports that create visibility around your customers and rentals. It also gives you an overview of how your store is performing. These reports should be all you need to manage your store. You can export all your reports to Microsoft Excel, Word or Adobe PDF formats.

Automatic Excel reports can be customized for your store if required (an additional cost will apply).

See the report list....

Print Barcode labels for Products & Rentals

Video Junky provides a fast and easy way for printing barcode labels for your rentals and products. It is designed to print onto perforated label paper and there are two formats that you can choose from.

Supports Barcode Scanners (Wedge configuration)

You can use a barcode scanner for all rentals and products in most sections of Video Junky. You can use any barcode scanner that supports code 3 of 9 barcodes and a Wedge configuration (connects between your keyboard and computer).

This makes rental transactions extremely fast.

Built-in Rental Promotions

You can setup rental promotions that can be applied on certain days of the week and for certain rental categories. You can also setup a discount % per customer type e.g. pensioners, students etc.

You can setup various rental promotions that can automatically be detected while renting items.

Rent X Items from Category Y for R?
Rent X items from Category Y and get 1 free from Category Z
Rent X items from Category Y and get 1 at half price from Category Z

You are not limited to the amount of promotions you can configure.

Customizable Appearance Settings

You can change the appearance of the application like colours etc.

Help Documentation and Videos

There is detailed help documentation that will be installed with Video Junky.

There are also demo videos that show you how to perform certain tasks.

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