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Point Of Sale
Video Junky has a built-in Point Of Sale system to help you manage your suppliers and products.

Supplier Management

You can maintain a list of suppliers (including their details).

Product Type Management

You can group your products into categories, for example: Chips, Drinks and Popcorn etc.

Add/Edit Products

You can add new products and set minimum stock levels etc.

This screen allows you to keep track of your supplier’s stock codes and pricing etc.

Stock level Adjustments

You can make stock level adjustments in the event of loss of stock etc.

Receiving Stock

You can receive new stock on existing items.

Stock Sales

You can sell your stock items, including rentals transferred to stock, in this screen.
Once items are sold, the stock levels are adjusted automatically.

This dialog will automatically notify you when items are reaching their re-order levels.

You can use a barcode scanner to make this process faster.

Ability to Void Sale Transactions

Video Junky allows you to void sales transactions. Also, you can choose to add the items back into stock.

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