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Rental Transactions
Efficient Rental Screen (including Alerts)

The rental screen is extremely fast to help you process transactions quickly. There are important shortcuts on this screen example: pay contract, edit customer’s details, pay fines, view customer’s fine history.

You can also view all the customers’ authorized renters in this dialog.

This dialog will show you how many rentals the customer has and how many are due. If there are rentals due, the amount of rentals due will start flashing.

If the customer’s balance is negative then the customer’s balance will start flashing.

If you attempt to rent an item that is currently out, Video Junky will ask you if you would like to return this item.

This screen also checks if the customer has rented a title before and shows you when he/she rented the item.

  • There is no limit to the amount of items a customer can rent at once.
  • You can change the return date and rental price per item in this dialog.
  • If enabled, the tax values will be calculated automatically.

This dialog will automatically detect when a special is setup and matched by the items a customer is renting. You can override the special is this screen.

Quick Stopping of Rented Items

Video Junky allows you to swop a rented item, for example: A customer rents movie A and realizes later that he/she has seen the movie before (possibly at a cinema). The customer returns to the store and wants to swop it for movie B. Video Junky allows you to quickly swop these items as long as movie A and movie B is on the same rental category.

Void Rental Transactions

Video Junky allows you to void rental transactions.

Print Receipts for Past Transactions

You can print rental transaction receipts for past transactions.

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