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Adding/Editing Rentals

You can add an unlimited amount of rentals. You can link the rental’s cover and trailer in a single dialog. In this section, you only need to capture the rentals data once (title, runtime, genre, rental category etc) irrespective of the amount of copies.

Ability to De-activate Rentals

You can de-activate your rentals at anytime in Video Junky. Once the rentals are de-activated, you cannot process any transactions on it, example: If the rental is damaged and cannot be rented out.

You cannot delete rentals because all history generated is linked to the rentals. This actually saves database space.

Manage Rental Types

Video Junky allows you to add and remove rental types, example: DVD, VHS, PS 2 Game, PS 2 Console etc.

Manage Genres

Video Junky allows you to add and remove rental genres, for example: Thriller, Comedy, Action etc.

Rental Category Management

All rentals need to be linked to a rental category, for example: New Releases, Old Releases and Games etc. You can save the rental price, return time, fine amount etc on each category and rentals will inherit the categories prices. This creates the least amount of administration around rental pricing.

There is also a function for moving rentals between categories.

Transfer Rentals to Sales Items

You can transfer rentals to stock items when they are ready to be sold.

“Coming Soon” Lists

Video Junky allows you to manage a list of rentals “coming soon”. You can add items from this list to customer’s wish lists.

Map Trailers and Cover Pictures

Video Junky allows you to map trailers and covers. All trailers linked can be played later for your customers by searching for the trailer in Video Junky’s media player.

Additionally, there is a section to automatically map trailers and covers to make this task easier (the titles and file names must be the same).

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