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SMS Messaging
Save SMS Templates

You can create SMS templates in Video Junky to save you having to re-type the messages each time.

SMS Name – “Birthday SMS”
Message – “We would like to congratulate you on your birthday. Have a good day! My Video Store”

There is no limit to the amount of templates you can create.

Bulk SMS Builder

Video Junky has a single screen to build your SMS list. It has a built-in customer search engine so you can add specific customers.

There is also a load menu where you can quickly load:
“Customers with birthdays today”
“Customers with overdue rentals”
“Customers with tagged reservations”
or “All Customers with valid cell numbers”

Once you have applied an SMS template you can customize messages per customer, if desired, in this screen.

There is no limit to the amount of SMSs you can have in your list. Video Junky will send these messages in the background allowing you to continue to perform other tasks.

GSM Devices

Video Junky uses GSM modules/modems to send and receive SMS messages. These devices generally require a SIM card therefore allowing you to control the cost per SMS (different networks and bulk SMS options). Some cell phones are also supported.

Click here to see a list of supported mobile phones...

Receive Incoming SMSs with Auto Customer Detector

You can also receive SMSs in Video Junky. If enabled, Video Junky can delete all messages from the SIM card once they are read or saved in the database.

If a customer sends you an SMS, Video Junky will automatically load their details from their cell number (including photo).

Saves all SMSs in the Database

All SMSs sent and received are securely saved in the Database.

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