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Supported Phones

GSM Phones work similar to GSM Modems. You can connect a GSM Phone to a PC or server via the serial port, USB port or Bluetooth.
Usually a dedicated GSM Modem is preferred rather than a GSM Phone, because it is cheaper, faster and more reliable.

Find a list of supported GSM Modems and GSM Phones (GSM 07.05 and GSM 07.07 compliant) below.






























Samba 55




 use modem driver and TAPI (USB Modem)



 900/1800 Mhz



 850/1900 Mhz


















 F-BUS protocol





















  USA version of Nokia 30





 F-BUS protocol









 DKU5 Cable





 F-BUS protocol










 F-BUS protocol























 F-BUS protocol



















 Symbian 60 series













































 CA42 Datacable tested
















































 Symbian 60 series

















































































 Symbian 60 series





































 Does not support AT commands



























 Symbian 60




  Sony Ericsson

 Sony EricssonT310



 Sony EricssonT610



 Sony EricssonT630



 Sony EricssonT637




 Sony EricssonT68



 Sony EricssonT68i



 WaveComFastrack 1206

 Use "standard 9600 bps modem" driver


 WaveComFastrack 1306

 Use "standard 9600 bps modem" driver



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